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About Hyundai H PROMISE


Certified by Hyundai

Area Check Points
Vehicle Age Not more than 7 years old
Mileage Not more than 1,00,000 KMS driven
Integrity Free from all legal issues
Structural Damage No original welding should be damaged.
Area Check Points
Engine Check for Starting , Performance & idle
Cooling System Check for Radiator Fan motor
Check for coolant leakage from Hoses
Check for water pump belt wear, Over Heating/ Bearing Noise
Ignition System Check for Spark Plug Cable & Misfiring
Steering Assembly Check for Noise in Turning
Pump/ All rods end Arms (Loses, Damage, Wear)
Fuel System Injector, Regulator, C/Rail & fuel Pump
Battery Genuine, Gravity, Electrolyte
Wiring Harness Condition
Air Condition Condenser/ Evaporator Condition


Area Check Points
Instrument Panel Check for proper working of Meter Gauges including warning Lights
Below Carpet Rust & perforation
Dash Board Stained
Upholstery, carpet & Seats Check for Stained/Worn/Torn
Wiper Motor & Linkages Working in all speed
Jack & Toll Kit Working

Area Check Points
Exhaust System Catalytic Converter Condition (Red/Hot), Corrosion of Muffler
Transaxle Check for Oil Contamination
Cut on Drive Shaft Boot
Suspension Check for Leakage of Shockers & Struts.
Check for Loose suspension arms
Check for Play in tie-Rod Ends
Under Body Rust of Cross Member, Damage, Crack & Leakage

Area Check Points
Paint Consistency in Paint Color
Gloss, Chipping, Scratched, Orange Peel
Repaint( Over spray)
No of panels for Repairing / Repainting
Body upper Dents , damage & crack
Front & Rear Bumper ( Deformed /Broken)
To check all the Welded Spot condition
Presence of original sealant in all panels
for indication of accident
Suspension Tyre Rims Including spare wheel

Area Check Points
Engine Performance, Pick up, Hunting & Abnormal Noise
Clutch Jerk / Dragging / Slippage /Hard / Clutch Cable
Transaxle Noise - Straight Steering / Turning
Brakes Brake efficiency, Pulling, Side Dragging
Suspension Noise
Wheel Bearing Noise
147 Quality Checks Qualification Checks
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    • The Best time to Upgrade is now
    • Offer period 9th- 14th April 2015
    • Please visit nearest Hyundai H PROMISE showroom for details
    • Hyundai Used Car Business re-branded as "H PROMISE"
    • "H PROMISE " the global Used Car brand of Hyundai

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